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All Sikh Gurpurabs in 2015 – Vikram Samvat


All Sikh Gurpurabs in 2015 – Vikram Samvat

List of All Gurpurabs 2015 ( Guru Avatar, Gurta Gaddi & Joti Jot Divas ) according to Traditional Hindu Calender Vikram Samvat. For Nanakshahi Calender Click Here.

Paatshahi Avatar Guru Gaddi Joti Jot
Guru Nanak Dev 25 November 25 November 7 October
Guru Angad Dev 19 April 2 October 23 March
Guru Amar Das 3 May 21 March 28 September
Guru Ram Das 29 October 26 September 16 September
Guru Arjan Dev 11 April 15 September 22 May
Guru Har Gobind 3 June 11 May 24 March
Guru Har Rai 1 February 18 March 4 November
Guru Har Krishan 8 August 4 November 2 April
Guru Teg Bahadar 9 April 2 April 16 December
Guru Gobind Singh 14 December 16 November

First Prakaash of Guru Granth Sahib Ji 14 September
‘Gur Gaddi’ Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Nanderh) 13 November
Khalsa Saajna Divas 14 April
Shastar Dhaaran Divas Paatshahi 6th 26 July

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