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Saajan Des Videsiarhe Lyrics – Bhai Harjinder Singh

Gurbani Lyrics

Saajan Des Videsiarhe Lyrics – Bhai Harjinder Singh

“Saajan Des Videsiarhe” is a part of Tukhari Mahalla 1, sacred baani of Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, on page 1111 of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. English Transliteration and Translation both are given below:

Saajan Des Videsiarhe Saanehde Dedi.
Saar Samaale Tin Sajnaa Mundh Nain Bharedi.
Mundh Nain Bharedi Gun Saaredi Kio Prabh Milaa Pyaare.
Maarag Panth Na Jaanao Vikhrha Kio Paayiai Pir Paare.
Satgur Sabdi Milai Vichhunni Tan Man Aagai Raakhai.
Nanak Amrit Birakh Maha Ras Faliaa Mil Pareetam Ras Chaakhai.

O Friend, You have traveled so far from Your homeland; I send my message of love to You.
I cherish and remember that Friend; the eyes of this soul-bride are filled with tears.
The eyes of the soul-bride are filled with tears; I dwell upon Your Glorious Virtues. How can I meet my Beloved Lord God?
I do not know the treacherous path, the way to You. How can I find You and cross over, O my Husband Lord?
Through the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru, the separated soul-bride meets with the Lord; I place my body and mind before You.
O Nanak, the ambrosial tree bears the most delicious fruits; meeting with my Beloved, I taste the sweet essence.

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