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Main Man Tan Prem Agam Thaakur Ka | Daily Hukamnama

Daily Hukamnama, sikhism, sikhizm


Main Man Tan Prem Agam Thaakur Ka | Daily Hukamnama

Daily Hukamnama from Darbar Sahib, Harmandir Sahib Amritsar Dated March 21st 2018.

Mukhwaak: Main Man Tan Prem Agam Thaakur Ka
Ang: 836
Creator: Sahib Shri Guru Ram Dass Ji
Date: 21.03.2018

Bilaaval Mahalaa 4 ||

Main Man Tan Prem Agam Thaakur Kaa Khin Khin Sardhhaa Man Bahut Outheeaa ||
Gur Dekhe Sardhhaa Man Pooree Jiu Chaatrik Priu Priu Boond Mukh Paeeaa ||1||

My mind and body are filled with love for my Inaccessible Lord and Master. Each and every instant, I am filled with immense faith and devotion. Gazing upon the Guru, my mind’s faith is fulfilled, like the song-bird, which cries and cries, until the rain-drop falls into its mouth.

Mil Mil Sakhee Har Kathhaa Suneeaa ||
Satgur Daeaa Kare Prabh Mele Mai Tis Aagai Sir Katt Katt Paeeaa ||1|| Rahaao ||

Join with me, join with me, O my companions, and teach me the Sermon of the Lord. The True Guru has mercifully united me with God. Cutting off my head, and chopping it into pieces, I offer it to Him.

Rom Rom Man Tan Ik Bedhan Mai Prabh Dekhe Bin Need N Paeeaa ||
Baidak Naattek Dekh Bhulaane Mai Hirdhai Man Tan Prem Peer Lageeaa ||2||

Each and every hair on my head, and my mind and body, suffer the pains of separation; without seeing my God, I cannot sleep. The doctors and healers look at me, and are perplexed. Within my heart, mind and body, I feel the pain of divine love.

Hau Khin Pal Reh N Sako Bin Preetam Jio Bin Amalai Amalee Mar Gaeeaa ||
Jin Kau Piaas Hoe Prabh Keree Tinhu Avar N Bhaavai Bin Har Ko Dueeaa ||3||

I cannot live for a moment, for even an instant, without my Beloved, like the opium addict who cannot live without opium. Those who thirst for God, do not love any other. Without the Lord, there is no other at all.

Koee Aan Aan Meraa Prabhoo Milaavai* *Ho Tis Vittahu Bal Bal Ghum Gaeeaa ||
Anek Janam Ke Vishhurre Jan Mele* *Jaa Sat Sat Satgur Saran Paveeaa ||4||

If only someone would come and unite me with God; I am devoted, dedicated, a sacrifice to him. After being separated from the Lord for countless incarnations, I am re-united with Him, entering the Sanctuary of the True, True, True Guru.

Sej Ek Eko Prabh Thaakur Mehal N Paavai Manmukh Bharmeeaa ||
Gur Gur Karat Saran Je Aavai Prabh Aae Milai Khin Dteel N Paeeaa ||5||

There is one bed for the soul-bride, and the same bed for God, her Lord and Master. The self-willed manmukh does not obtain the Mansion of the Lord’s Presence; she wanders around, in limbo. Uttering, “Guru, Guru”, she seeks His Sanctuary; so God comes to meet her, without a moment’s delay.

Kar Kar Kiriaachaar Vadhhaae Man Paakhandd Karam Kapatt Lobheeaa ||
Besuaa Kai Ghar Bettaa Janmeaa Pitaa Taahe Kiaa Naam Sadeeaa ||6||

One may perform many rituals, but the mind is filled with hypocrisy, evil deeds and greed. When a son is born in the house of a prostitute, who can tell the name of his father?

Poorab Janam Bhagat Kar Aae Gur Har Har Har Har Bhagat Jameeaa ||
Bhagat Bhagat Karte Har Paaeaa Jaa Har Har Har Har Naam Sameeaa ||7||

Because of devotional worship in my past incarnations, I have been born into this life. The Guru has inspired me to worship the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har. Worshipping, worshipping Him with devotion, I found the Lord, and then I merged into the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har.

Prabh Aan Aan Mehndee Peesaaee Aape Ghol Ghol Ang Leeaa ||
Jin Kau Thaakur Kirpaa Dhhaaree Baah Pakar Naanak Kadt Leeaa ||8||6||2||1||6||9||

God Himself came and ground the henna leaves into powder, and applied it to my body. Our Lord and Master showers His Mercy upon us, and grasps hold of our arms; O Nanak Ji, He lifts us up and saves us.

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