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Meaning of Sant Saajan Bhaye Sarse – Anand Sahib


Meaning of Sant Saajan Bhaye Sarse – Anand Sahib

‘Sant Sajan Bhaye Sarse’ are the lines from the 40th Pauri of Anand Saheb created by Shri Guru Amar Das Ji (Page 922 Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji).  In this Pauri, Guru Amar Das ji says that all pains, sorrows, and suffering disappear when a person achieves the state of ‘Anand’. Those who listen and recite Guru’s bani with love and devotion after relinquishing their ego, in total surrender to the Guru, experience the eternal bliss or Anand.
Note: Some of the Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (Haryana) followers are misleading the people about these lines from Anand Saheb, interpreting the wrong meaning of Sant Saajan Bhaye Sarse, relating with their ‘holy’ saint Ram Rahim. But ‘Sarsa’ is not a location here, ‘Sarsa’ or ‘Sarsay’ means ecstasy, bliss, jubilance or simply ‘anand bharpoor’


Anad Sunho Vadbhaagiho Sagal Manorath Poore.
Listen to the song of bliss, O most fortunate ones; all your longings shall be fulfilled.

Paarbrahm Prabh Paaya Utre Sagal Visoore.
I have obtained the Supreme Lord God, and all sorrows have been forgotten.
Dookh Rog Santaap Utre Suni Sachi Baani.
Pain, illness and suffering have departed, listening to the True Bani.
Sant Saajan Bhaye Sarse Poore Gur Te Jaani.
The Saints and their friends are in ecstasy, knowing the Perfect Guru.
Sunte Puneet Kahte Pavitt Satgur Rahiya Bharpoore.
Pure are the listeners, and pure are the speakers; the True Guru is all-pervading and permeating.
Binvant Naanak Gur Charan Laagay Vaajay Anhad Toore.
Prays Nanak, touching the Guru’s Feet, the unstruck sound current of the celestial bugles vibrates and resounds.
Sarsa or Sarse is not used at a single place in Baani. Guru Amar Das Ji has used the same in the following lines also;
Man Anad Bhayaa Milya Har Preetam ‘Sarse’ Sajan Sant Pyaare.
Jo Dhur Mile Na Vichhurheh Kabahoo Je Aap Mele Kartaare. (Page 1249)
My mind is in ecstasy; I have met my Beloved Lord. My beloved friends, the Saints, are delighted. Those who are united with the Primal Lord shall never be separated again. The Creator has united them with Himself.
Similarly Guru Ram Das Ji has also used Sarsa or Sarse (Sarsay) word 4 times described below:
Baahar Janam Bhayaa Mukh Laaga ‘Sarse’ Pitaa Maat Theeviaa. (Page 76)
You are born and you come out, and your mother and father are delighted to see your face.
Naamo Naam Sunee Man Sarsaa, Naam Laahaa Lai Gurmat Bigsaa. (Page 367)
Hearing the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the mind is in bliss. Reaping the profit of the Naam, through the Guru’s Teachings, my soul has blossomed forth.
Hao Jeevaa Hao Jeevaa Satgur Dekh Sarse Raam.
Har Naamo Har Naam Dridaaye Jap Har Har Naam Vigse Raam.  (Page 572)
I live, I live, and I blossom forth, beholding the True Guru. The Name of the Lord, the Name of the Lord, He has implanted within me; chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, I blossom forth.
Har Naam Vadayee Satgur Te Payi Sukh Satgur Dev Man Parse.
Hao Jeevaa Hao Jeevaa Satgur Dekh Sarse. (Page 572)
I have obtained the glorious greatness of Name of the Lord from the True Guru; beholding the Divine True Guru, my mind is at peace. I live, I live, and I blossom forth, beholding the True Guru.
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    September 26, 2015 at 7:57 am

    Thanks Khalsa G, was sick of a sarsewala chella. But now he is saying this website is crap, only his guru ram rahim knows what Bani means. I feel like these is competition going on be Kaun Banega Murkhpati between sarsa, radhe ma, nirmal and many more.

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