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Aavhu Sant Paraan Sukh-Daatay Simreh Prabh Abhinaasee

Gurubani Kirtan

Aavhu Sant Paraan Sukh-Daatay Simreh Prabh Abhinaasee

Aavhu sant paraan sukh-daatay simreh parabh abhinaasee.
Come, O Saints, let us meditate in remembrance on God; He is the Eternal, Imperishable Giver of Peace and Praanaa, the Breath of Life.

Anaathah naath deen dukh bhanjan poor rahi-o ghat vaasee.
Master of the masterless, Destroyer of the pains of the meek and the poor; He is Allpervading and permeating, abiding in all hearts.

Gaavat sunat sunaavat sarDhaa har ras pee vadbhaagay.
The very fortunate ones drink in the Sublime Essence of the Lord, singing, reciting and listening to the Lord’s Praises.

Kal kalays mitay sabh tan tay raam naam liv jaagay.
All their sufferings and struggles are wiped away from their bodies; they remain lovingly awake and aware in the Name of the Lord.

Kaam kroDh jhooth taj nindaa har simran banDhan tootay.

So abandon your sexual desire, greed, falsehood and slander; meditating in remembrance on the Lord, you shall be released from bondage.

Moh magan ahaN anDh mamtaa gur kirpaa tay chhootay.

The intoxication of loving attachments, egotism and blind possessiveness are eradicated by Guru’s Grace.

Too samrath paarbarahm su-aamee kar kirpaa jan tayraa.
You are All-Powerful, O Supreme Lord God and Master; please be Merciful to Your humble servant.

Poor rahi-o sarab meh thaakur naanak so parabh nayraa.
My Lord and Master is All-pervading and prevailing everywhere; O Nanak, God is Near.

From: Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib | Page No. 1206
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