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Eho Jagvadhi Mera Prabh Mali – English Translation

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Eho Jagvadhi Mera Prabh Mali – English Translation

Transliteration in Devnagari and Roman and Translation in English of Shabad Eho Jagvadhi Mera Prabh Mali, from the Amrit Baani of Shri Guru Amar Dass Ji, Page 118 of Shri Guru Granth Sahib. Video used here is from the album Eho Jagvadhi Mera Prabh Mali by Bhai Mehal Singh Ji.


Video Credit:
Shabad: Eho Jagvadhi Mera Prabh Mali
Ragi: Bhai Mehal Singh Ji
Album: Eho Jagvadhi Mera Prabh Mali
Music: Jagdish Singh DC
Record Label: Amritt Saagar

इहु जगु वाड़ी मेरा प्रभु माली ॥
ih jag vaarhee mayraa prabh maalee.
This world is a garden, and my Lord God is the Gardener.

सदा समाले को नाही खाली ॥
sadaa samaalay ko naahee khaalee.
He always takes care of it-nothing is exempt from His Care.

जेही वासना पाए तेही वरतै वासू वासु जणावणिया
jayhee vaasnaa paa-ay tayhee vartai vaasoo vaas janaavani-aa.
As is the fragrance which He bestows, so is the fragrant flower known.

मनमुखु रोगी है संसारा ॥
manmukh rogee hai sansaaraa.
The self-willed manmukhs are sick and diseased in the world.

सुखदाता विसिरआ अगम अपारा ॥
sukh-daata visri-aa agam apaaraa.
They have forgotten the Giver of peace, the Unfathomable, the Infinite.

दुखीए निति फिरहि बिललादे बिनु गुर सांति न पावणिया
dukhee-ay nit fireh billaaday bin gur saaNt na paavni-aa.
These miserable people wander endlessly, crying out in pain; without the Guru, they find no peace.

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